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My name is Sr. Marie Bernadette Offiajiaku.  Presently, I teach music in both theory and practical at les Etangs Combined School from K- Grade 6. I am very passionate about teaching, playing instruments, teaching young-stars how to sing, composing and re-arranging music.  My dream is to use my talents to serve God through the children whom I am teaching both in school and in church. Most important, I want to transfer my love, and passion for music and my great talents to those young-stars.

In 2002 – 2008, I began to study music with the St. Lucia School of Music, where I studied both theory Grade 1-5 and Instruments including Guitar and Violin. I obtained certificates in ABRSM exams through The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music under the umbrella of St. Lucia School of Music.  I then went higher in my music where I did CXC in Music and I succeeded with distinction.

In July 2009 to 2011, I began my two years Teachers’ Training course in Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where, I acquired Associate degree in Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. On September 2012, I was appointed as a temporal music teacher of Les Etangs Combined School. And presently I am permanently appointed as Music teacher of Les Etangs Combined School on September 2015.

 In November 2014 and June 2015, I participated in Saint Lucia National Composition project where Saint Lucian children across Saint Lucian created and composed melodies and arranged by teachers, played by faculty and students of the Saint Lucia School of Music.

The project was directed by Alejandro Rutty, Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in residence at the Saint Lucia School of Music, and Marie Medina from the Saint Lucia School of Music.

I want to end with my favorite quote “Music Alone Shall Live (All Things Shall Perish under the Sky)”.

(Source: “Celebrate With Song”, Girl Guides of Canada, 1995; also in “Girl Guide Songbook, Vol. 2”, Girl Guides Association, 1984.)

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